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Back in the Saddle

Today was my first day back after a much-appreciated 10 day vacation. Because our training process is so long and pretty darned tough, they thought we’d appreciate some time to recharge our batteries.

And HOW!

It helped that my time off coincided with my fifth anniversary. My wife took some time off as well and we…pretty much stayed at home because of the pandemic. We did do a road trip around the Olympic Peninsula, but that was less awesome than we’d hoped because A) the beach was cold, B) you couldn’t actually see the mountains from the southern route we took and C) by the time we got back to the mountains, it was pretty much pitch black.

So, the rest of our time off was a staycation.

Today, however, I was back at work. Happy to be so, actually. Today went pretty well, too. I didn’t get any comments about my calls from the dispatchers (yay!) and I fielded the usual array of calls without any difficulty. Even got a couple of freeway addresses locked in.

It was good to be back.

Admittedly, I forgot my lunch at home so it was a very HUNGRY day back, I still enjoyed it. Got to talk to some other peers I don’t normally get to interact with, which is cool. I definitely feel like I’m being (slowly) welcomed into the fold. Alas, I also got an email from my boss letting me know that my schedule would change on January 4 and my sweet, sweet shift with Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off would probably be gone.

Oh, well. It’ll be fun while it lasts!

To conclude today’s post, I want to remind everyone that COVID-19 is real, and it fucking kills people. I got a call today from a frantic daughter because both of her COVID-positive parents were having difficulty breathing. When I got them on the phone, speech wasn’t possible. I only heard wheezing and the strains of someone trying to get air into their lungs.

I don’t know what happened to them, of course, but I know they got a ride from the paramedic instead of an aid car or an ambulance.

Stay home. If you can’t stay home, stay home. If you REALLY can’t stay home, wear a mask.

Don’t call me at work.


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