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Released on Call Receiving!

Wow. It’s been a few weeks since I last blogged. Apologies for that, but it’s been a tough grind. I busted my butt to improve my ratings at work (and succeeded!), which took two weeks. Time enough for me to meet standards in all categories across the board. My trainer recommended me for evaluation.

That was the past week.

Three nights in and my evaluator stopped the eval. Said my documentation wasn’t up to snuff. I was crushed and shocked, but I nodded and accepted that I’d be going back to training for another two weeks at least. Then I went home to sob into my pillow and attempt to resurrect my sense of self worth.

Plot twist!

The next day, I got a call from our training coordinator. They felt the eval was stopped unnecessarily, that my work was good and my documentation, while not perfect, met standards. I was to come back for my final scheduled day of evaluation as planned.

To describe me as stunned would be an understatement. I had fantasized that somehow things would right themselves, but never dared to hope for it.

So, today, I returned to work and put the headset on. This was day shift, a much busier shift, with a broader array of call types. I got a LOT of feedback from the evaluator and felt positive she was going to fail me (again). Against all odds, and despite me not offering a bribe, she passed me. I couldn’t believe it.

Still can’t, actually.

Her parting words of wisdom were to project more confidence so that callers would believe in me. Also, so did our training coordinator. And then she made me announce my new status to the communications room at large, which embarrassed the hell out of me.

It wasn’t a dream, though. I have to be back at work in 10 hours, but I’ll be working on my own. No trainer in my ear. I also have weekends off for the rest of the year. I’m convinced this is compensation for being bounced around to soooooo many training schedules.

So, that’s it. I’m a call receiver now. Not just a trainee. I won’t be in training again for another five or six months when I get picked for my first radio. I still have lots to learn. Each day is a new set of challenges, but I have earned a place amongst my peers and colleagues.

I am 911.


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