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Recovery Position

I’ve worked with quite a few trainers in my brief stint as a public safety telecommunicator. They’ve all impressed me with their depth of knowledge and experience, as well as their professionalism and dedication to bringing me and my classmate to our fullest potential. No attitude, no condescension, nothing but guidance, explanations, and words of experience.

After my “typical day” last week, I knew I needed to take some time to process what happened. I acknowledged my feelings, my fears about what had happened, and what I wanted moving forward.

Our senior trainer once told me to not get wrapped up in the outcome of a call, but rather what I can do to improve. So, that’s what I’m trying to do.

It isn’t all sunshine and rainbows here, so best take advantage of it!

My wife and I took a long walk today, partially to enjoy the last gasps of summer in Puget Sound, but also to just get a bit of exercise. Stress builds up, as do feelings. My wife and I talked a lot this weekend, and keeping this journal is helpful, too. Since I started back in June, we haven’t been able to spend too much time together and I promised I would not neglect our marriage to pursue this career goal and she’s been very supportive.

Thanks, honey.

I also made use of the time to drive along some of the state routes that run through my jurisdiction, to get a feel for them and where they come into play. This kind of research isn’t required by my agency, but I am determined to be the best I can in this job. No half-assing this. When there are gaps in my knowledge, I’ll fill them. When I make a mistake, I’ll learn from it. When I fall down, I’ll get back up.

This morning, I head back to the office to put the headset on again and go through another week of learning and trying to help others. Because I didn’t ignore my feelings, I feel prepared to go back. Because I have a fantastic support system, I’m not afraid to go back.

Even so, try not to call me at work.


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