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Day 1

Today was supposed to be day 1 of training. I was pumped! Had my bag packed with everything I was told to bring, had my sleep schedule adjusted for the week, and a tasty lunch ready to rock.

Got a call last night. It was our training coordinator telling me to stay home for the next two days because some looters coopted the protests that happened over the weekend.

Thankfully, the none of the protesters were hurt and it looks like the situation is pretty calm now. There was a community cleanup effort underway this morning, so fingers crossed that I can start up on Wednesday.

The agency was really great about it, though. Got another call to check in on me this morning, which I thought was above and beyond. I’m also on the clock starting today, under orders to start studying the service area maps, to learn the different neighborhoods in the dozen+ communities I’ll be covering. I’ve got the radio feed for our Fire/EMS streaming in the background. Dispatchers eventually develop a “radio ear” where they can understand the garbled stuff that goes across the airwaves.

I figure I’d best get started on that!


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