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Checking In

So, I had my interview with the city police department. It was supposed to be a video interview, but they’re using Skype for Business and I don’t have access to that, so it ended up being a phone interview.

Pro tip: Always have a backup way of getting into a remote interview. Services sometimes fail. Make sure to ask for a contact phone number well before the interview so you can pivot as necessary.

Anyway, this was a pretty standard screening interview. They asked the same questions I’ve answered many times and it went well enough that they contacted me the next day and congratulated me an told me I was being moved onto the background investigation portion.

I just finished up my background packet. Tomorrow, I’ll print it out, get it notarized, and overnighted to the HR contact at the department, then wait for 4-6 weeks until a detective gets assigned to my file. Having gone through this once before, I’m not overly worried. I passed the background check two months ago, so there’s no reason to think I’m in trouble now.

Next week, I have my face-to-face interview with the county 911 agency. I’m excited about that and am working to make sure I look extra handsome for the interview. For now, however, all I can do is reread my books, study my answers, and try to stay frosty and fresh for it.


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