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So, good news! In addition to the interview with the city agency, I also heard back from the county agency. They went over my background materials from the frozen department and want to schedule a final interview on May 11.

This is terrific news because a) I would be able to start work sooner than the city agency and b) I wouldn’t have to go through all the background checks again. The county agency is looking to start on June 1, which isn’t far away at all.

Now, I still have to win over the interview committees for both jobs, otherwise, this is just an exercise in dressing up and reading books.

Fortunately, I do okay in interviews and am self-aware enough to know when I’ve answered a question wrong. I’m convinced that, in addition to my inexperience, one wrong answered killed my first two job applications. I’ve since changed that answer (it was to a hypothetical question, not a fact about my history) and it seems to have made a difference.

So, I’ll take some time this weekend to press my suit, make sure I look extra gorgeous Monday morning, and go over questions and my answeres to prep. IA, things will go well and I’ll move on to the next stage!


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