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Persistence is Key

So, it’s been almost a week since I got the news that my hiring had been frozen. While still crushing, life does go on, even during a quarantine. My goal of becoming a 911 dispatcher hasn’t changed, so I had to keep going.

As I mentioned here, the chief had recommended I contact another 911 agency and I had done so. They liked the fact that I had already completed a background check, the polygraph, and the psych and medical checks. The HR manager scheduled an interview with me yesterday and I hope it went well. She said they were going to look over my background information and then let me know if they were going to schedule a final interview for me. This job would be great because it’s starting in less than six weeks, so fingers crossed for that!

However, I can’t afford to have all my eggs in one basket. Backup plans, redundancy…these things are key. So, I had already applied with another city’s police department to be a dispatcher, but foolishly turned them down when I was about to start my job.

The universe, it seems, is not without a sense of humor.

Fortunately, I contacted them and let them know about the hiring freeze. They were happy to let me proceed (Yay!), but I would still need to start from the beginning (Awww!). I took the Criticall test again today and passed with decent scores. 72 words per minute, 99% accuracy, 96 Criticall score. Got a call an hour later from the department to schedule a video interview next Monday at 0900.

So, I’m down, but not out. Still have two irons in the fire.


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