Halfway Through Training

Training continued this week for Rookie Dispatcher as he was forced to conquer the first of two vital tests. Failure would have meant ignominy and termination of employment, not to mention eternal self-loathing! Fortunately, I scored a 98% and can breathe a little easier now, but that’s the end of police prep in my academy […]

911 Police Call Training

At the end of my third week and it’s been a wild one. First, my trainer told me she was going to have me take a practice test for the the police module on Friday so we could fine-tune any remaining instruction/understanding. The police module test and fire module test are must pass items at […]

New Career Goal

I learned about something from my trainer last night that shot through me like a bolt of electricity. One of the things I knew I’d be trained on when I became a dispatcher was guiding someone through CPR over the phone, both for adults and infants. My trainer and I were just talking about medic […]

Training Week 1 – Complete!

Finished my first week of training and wow, was it a ride! I’ve had to absorb an astonishing volume of information. Call signs for every unit in EVERY city we dispatch for, plus all of their jurisdictional boundaries. I had no idea why a fundamental understanding of how roadways are named and ordered was so […]

Training During COVID-19

Yesterday was the end of my first week. It was an odd week, to be sure, with two days studying at home as our agency didn’t feel it safe to come in with protesters, looters, police, and the National Guard all ready to mix it up. Then two days in the office where it seemed […]

Day 1 Redux

This was it! The actual day actually occurred! I’ve been working for this goal for almost a year and it finally happened and no one said, “Psych!” It’s 22:12 as I write this and I have to wake up at 05:00, but I wanted to mark this day. My agency works four ten-hour shifts, so […]


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